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We have developed a number of Nontoxic smart
monitoring systems to detect pests alongside other
Environmental Monitoring solutions.

“Knocking Pests Out of House and Home”

We are currently using our own system called Rapid Electronic Detection System in short we call it REDS. REDS  is a system we use to monitor Pest activity alongside temperature controls to comply with HACCP within Food business premises. 24/7 monitoring is undertaken, and the owner will be notified by text and e-mail if there is a pest problem.

Our technician will be dispatched with 24 hours ensuring suitable controls are put in place before the Critical Control Point is breach safeguarding your robust HACCP system protecting your customers, livelihood and more important your reputation.

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Food Safety is a priority-Protect your reputation!

REDS wireless sensors can be placed to detect rodents outside within a 350 metres range. Pest Activity alongside environmental conditions can be viewed in real-time on any internet enabled device, I pad, I phone, android phone or laptop.

If there is rodent detected in one of the Infrared Red bait points an alert will be generated and can be sent to multiple computers, mobile devices, or a local warning system to notify employees nearby. More important our technicians are also notified and dispatched to your premises. We use this system with clients on top of traditional pest control methods as It gives clients the reassurance, they are pest free 24/7. The system is nontoxic and environmentally friendly.