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Guide prices are based on an average semi detached dwelling house, prices can increase
for larger houses and seasonal price fluctuations may apply.
Please contact us directly by telephone for an individual quote.

“Knocking Pests Out of House and Home”

Domestic Pest Control

Our highly training and well-qualified pest technicians will conduct a thorough domestic inspection of your property and will recommend suitable pest control treatments and solutions to prevent the problem.

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Flying Insects

  • House fly, cluster fly, horse fly, bluebottles, fruit fly, filter fly and crane fly


  • Spiders, fleas, woodlice, silver fish, plaster beetle, ground beetles (excludes bed bugs) Ants £60


  • Mice - £80 per visit, a minimum of 2 visits required (£160)
    Rats - £80 per visit, a minimum of 3 visits required (£240)


  • Nest needs to be accessible we will not remove nests from under roof tiles or cavity walls due to health and safety working at height constraints

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