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What are the different types of SEO?

On-page or on-site SEO includes practice strategies to optimize an individual page on a website and improve the rankings of a website, and earn organic traffic.

What is a backlink?

Any incoming links to a website or web page are known as backlinks. High-quality backlinks help the web pages to rank up and have better visibility on the search engines.

Differentiate between a do-follow and a no-follow link.

A do-follow link acts as a backlink that is counted by search engines and help in enhancing the ranking of a site, while a no-follow link, usually, does influence the ranking in the search engine index.

Which is better — Meta Robot tags or robots.txt?

Meta Robot tags are better as they help in forcing the search engine crawlers not to index and display hidden pages. It also ensures that the link equity is not being lost, with the use of the ‘follow’ command.

Which is better — Meta Robot tags or robots.txt?

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